Are you artistic or scientific?

June 14, 2009 6:52am CST
And what kind of person do you think is more interesting? I don't mean any bias here, just trying to find out how others think. Would you rather have an artist or a scientist as a friend or partner? (By artistic, that would include music, visual arts, poetry, designing, kinetics, that kind of stuff. With science comes math and all the applied sciences.) Thank you. :)
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@veronizm (909)
• Philippines
18 Sep 09
Hi rage! I think I'm both :) Coz I'm so fond of dancing and singing since I was a kid. I'm not being cocky or anything but I was a member of a dance group and choir in high-school :D I also play musical instruments such as the guitar, piano, and flute (though I'm not so good at it, lol). And I'm soooo fond of crafts especially crochet :D But I'm also fond of science :D I've always been fascinated by it that is why I chose a science-related course for my degree in college :D And everytime someone mentions a topic about Physics, Chemistry, or Biology, I always find myself engrossed in the conversation and feel myself get excited about it, lol. The only artistic thing that I'm not too inclined to is painting. I guess I wasn't just exposed to it :) For me, both has its own unique beauty that makes both uniquely interesting. And somehow, both compliment each other. If we come to think of it, art is like a science -- a science of design and artistry, or something like that :D And science, is like an art -- an art of creation or something like that :D Kind of ironic and confusing but I guess you get my point, hehehe :D
@maximax8 (30581)
• United Kingdom
14 Jun 09
I am academic and a little somewhat artistic. I am not at all a scientific person. I love reading, writing, listening to music, visiting museums and going to art galleries. During my teacher training I found Science boring. When I was at secondary school I dropped Science because I hated it. I did Religious Studies instead. I would rather have an artistic partner than a scientific one.
@psyche49f (2504)
• Philippines
14 Jun 09
I think I'm more artistic because I'm never scientifice, LOL! Come to think of it, I discovered that I could creatively teach, but bordering only to being scientific. I don't go for hard facts, but rather I'm more intuitive, and use a lot of common sense instead of making calculated judgments or being objectively precise about things. Well, I learn towards the saying, "different strokes for different strokes", so I'm hardly scientific...
@whizkid08 (715)
• India
14 Jun 09
I myself being an artistic person would look for my compatibility. And the reason for my choice of partner being artistic is that when I happen to get late in office or projects or any official work, she should have knowledge that we have work in office and like that. That is, mutual understanding. Then, in my designing stuff, if I need some sort of assistance or I hang up somewhere, I will have a helping hand. She could also give me ideas and I can share my own as well.