Do you know anyone in person who has super ability ?

@magic9 (981)
June 14, 2009 7:03am CST
people are always talking about super ability, movies and TV series are playing this on the screen. So seriously, do you really know anyone in person who possesses these super ability? who is really special? I once knew a woman who has special ability at numbers. She told me in person that when she was in high school, she was caught by an odd disease which almost killed her. Even her mother thought she was dying. But miraculously, she recovered from that but there was something left on her. She lost her ability to read Chinese characters. When she told me this, she was at her 50s. She also said that she could not write her own name correctly at that time (50). However, she gained a super ability in numbers. whatever numbers she read at a brief glance, she could remember. Because of this, she was assigned at an important position in her company and even responsible for that section. Her job was to inspect private cars that owes money ---annual road service fee to her company. As long as she saw the car number, she could recall whether the cars owe money to her company or not. Gee, hope she is still alive.
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