June 14, 2009 11:20am CST
I remember a time, a thousand years ago You were the only one I needed to know You were my soulmate, mine forever Where are you now? We need to be together I remember the day on which you died You left me a gaping hole, deep inside I've searched for you since, every life Each time I find you, you have a wife I wait for the next time when I hope you're alone But when at last I find you, you're just rag and bone You always die before me, your body feals healed I always long for you, my fate is sealed In this life I found you, we had so little time A million miles apart, one day you'll be mine One life we'll be together, nothing to tear us apart Maybe in that life, you'll heal my aching heart.
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31 Mar 10
i am surprised that nobody has responded to this post. i think that this poetry is amazing. your poetry really sounds great.