Land of Dreams part i

The entrance to the Land of the Dreams - Through the forest, take the rabbit's path, that leads to the stream of present and past.
June 14, 2009 11:36am CST
Once upon a time in the Land of Dreams Life was not allways as it seems Where once was happiness, doubt now lies Hidden behind dark forest eyes Of a young elven prince whose life's so surreal He can't cope with the emotions he can feel His unicorns have died or run off into the night They werent strong enough to put up a fight His centaurs all cower in the corner, too scared to look Afraid to turn the pages of his book They know about the thoughts he can feel About a mortal girl with a love so real Who stained his lips with kisses so red Who pierced his heart until it bled They know that his life in this world will soon be over When he crosses the line to be with his lover The land will die under the hand of his fist And all the creatures will cease to exist But he'll be happy on the other side His mortal thoughts he won't have to hide His imagination will die, his thoughts impure Just for a love he thought to be sure But one day she'll leave, never to be seen And he'll wish he was back in the Land of the Dreams
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• United States
31 Mar 10
you are amazing at writing poetry. it really sounds amazing to me. it is good to hear poetry every day.