is it Kobe or Lebron?

June 14, 2009 11:44pm CST
Kobe Bryant is a as Michael Jordan... Kobe Bryant beat the record of Wilt Chamberlain when he was still a pre-NBA... I just figured out that.. when Michael Jordan was still young.. he resembled the current face of Lebron. Lebron is a one-man team player. Yes..he is good and he also make miracles. Who do you think is better?? regardless of the finals... only between the two.. who is better? Kobe bryant or Lebron james?
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• China
23 Jun 09
Bteween the two.i think lebron james is better than kobe.Even james fialed in joining the finals,but he is a one-man player.Compared with kobe ,james is still younge.
@evsoriano (166)
• Philippines
16 Jun 09
i still go for KOBE. kobe has the attitude of being a great player.
@michmich2 (432)
• United States
15 Jun 09
I have to go with Lebron James!!! Of course Kobe is great but I think that Lebron has him beat!
@cagefan (82)
• Philippines
16 Jun 09
Lebron is a great individual player but as of now,he still has nothing to prove because he hasn't won any NBA championships yet. Between the two,as of today, Kobe is a much better player because he has the titles to his name. Time will tell whether Lebron can duplicates, surpasses or fail in the pursuit of Kobe's record or eventually Jordan's record.
@Philbo (578)
• Canada
15 Jun 09
I'd have to still go with Kobe on this one. Lebron has the potential to become one of if not the greatest player the game has ever seen. Potential and reality though are two different things.
@imacRuel1 (258)
• Philippines
15 Jun 09
Are you serious, Lebron is still far from being called the better player than Kobe Bryant, Like Kobe is far from being compared to Jordan as the greatest of all time... I think you all Kobe haters didn't witness how great he is when he's at the same age as Lebron now... He was already a winner at the age of 20, & considered the best player in the league in his young NBA career. Stats has nothing to do w/ greatness... wilt Chamberlain, was not even considered the best center to ever played in the nba... But his stats are unbelievable during his prime... Lebron must prove that he's also a winner to outbest Kobe... & that is far from happening as long as Kobe is still playing.