enjoy, do we???

Serbia And Montenegro
June 15, 2009 4:24am CST
When you get older you find out what you want from your life. But years are gone by and life too. You realize your life is gone by you, like somebodies else, not yours. You do so many things not because you want it, because you are supposed to. I haven't enjoyed my life the way I should, and I'm sorry. It is never too late, is it??? I con't make it up, but surely I will try to enjoy most of it now with my children and grandchildren.
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@maximax8 (31058)
• United Kingdom
15 Jun 09
It is never too late to enjoy life but the earlier a person does it in life the better. Childhood can be a time of playing and learning lovely things like reading. Adulthood is a time to find out likes and dislikes I think. Hobbies can make a person enjoy life like walking in the countryside, spending time cooking and writing stories. Some unpleasant things have to be done like paying bills and visiting the dentist. Ideas change as a person gets older like a young traveler might want adventure and an old traveler probably would want more comfort. Being a parent is delightful and I imagine being a grandparent is too.
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