please i need your tips!! save my sanity and pocket!

June 15, 2009 6:04am CST
Hello All! help help lol. i have four Amstaffs and i have a problem - they keep eating each others collars off! nibbling, ripping and playing tug of war with them! ive been tho 20 collars in the last three months, its costing me a bucket and stressing me no end! i cant find a way to stop them! they MUST have them on so that there tags are on them. they have loads of toys spend a lot of time with us and get lots outings. my older 2 never did it until i got my younger puppies (not 13 months old) and now they wont stop. first they had leather, of coarse they loved that, then i tried nylon which lasted a little longer but they still ended up ripping them up! help me im going out of my mind. please please please give me your advice! THANKYOU!
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