What is important to you?

@cindi1 (30)
United States
June 15, 2009 10:53am CST
With the economy the way it is and the state of our country, what is important to you? I have found the the things that are most important to me are family, a good home life, the quality of my life and being at peace. The last few years have been tough. Lost my job 2 times, with each time being out of work for 5 months. Having material things means nothing to me anymore. I just want to be secure and have love in my life. What about you? What is most important to you these days?
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• China
27 Oct 09
As for myself,dreams must come first.If I can not realize my dreams,I won't be happy for my whole life.and then I guess it's my family.
@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
29 Sep 09
Hey, Well for me I think that it is important to have very important life by having a good home and a good life. But more importantly to have a good family, so you can take good care of them and things like that. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
the most important for me is my salvation because we are only living in a temporary world and we must prepare for our eternal life in heaven.And of course being in God's good hand everything will be fine ^_^
@med889 (5952)
19 Jun 09
To be with people who love me and whom I love is more important to me however I do my best to help others also. We all want security in life and it is very obvious evenI want it because I care for those who does not deserve all these. My grandma who certainly does not deserves this so I want to protect her and give her everything she wants in life though she only want love from her children now.
• China
19 Jun 09
The most important things is happiness in my life.We need money,because we are able to happy to live in the world.But the money is not most important.What is happiness?It is a feeling of status and wealth had nothing to do,as long as you are happy to meet,you are a happy person, i hope that everyone on earth to become the well-being of the people,so that our community has been peaceful.