BUX.GS better than Neobux ?

@VIKRAM55 (217)
June 15, 2009 10:15pm CST
Hi Guys, I am a member of both these sites neobux & bux.gs for a long time now & got paid by both. But when I compare both the sites, I feel bux.gs is much better a site if it can continue to pay all its members the way neobux is doing, in that case it is better a ptc than neobux. Here is a comparison : No. of ads : NEOBUX : 4, BUX.GS : 7 for free members. (75% extra ads at no extra cost) Referral earnings : 50% in both cases. I hv 14 referrals in both sites & I get referral income like this Neobux : 28 cents a day, Bux.gs : 49 cents (assuming all referrals click everyday) This way I make 9.6$ in Neobux & 16.8$ in Bux.gs. Let me know if u have been using both the sites & how is ur experience. If any one is not a member of these 2 sites, then hv a look at my profile. Regards, Vikram
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• Bangladesh
25 Oct 09
bus.gs is not a good site .........coz when i go for create an acc then it show me have an account.But i have noy yet....its like a scam?
@VIKRAM55 (217)
• India
25 Oct 09
Hi, Thanks for writing. This site is one of the legit sites I hv came across to. If u hv any issues joining then clear ur cookies first. If u r using proxy server or dynamic ip then somebody else might have signed up using that ip. Try restarting ur net connection & pc. I hv sent a friendship request to u, accept it & we will discuss further. Vikram
@sirknight (118)
5 Oct 09
i like bux gs because they do not limit how many refferals you can buy ,[how many referrals do you have on bux gs ,i have 244 referals on bux gs and i have 174 referrals on neobux they only let me rent 55 per week ,i takes a long time to make money on neobux
@Bloggership (1104)
• Indonesia
18 Jun 09
I never heard about bux.gs before my freind... But maybe i'm gonna check that sites. Send your PM with your link contained. I will join under you if you also want to check in 1centmails.com in my websites at my profile.
• Indonesia
16 Jun 09
owh.i see.thanks you for your information.i hope thats is really
@leylucs (43)
• Philippines
16 Jun 09
hey how about valuebux! They really pay me instantly, I didn't reached the payout yet in bux.gs, but in neobux I loss my money there.
• Pitcairn
16 Jun 09
i also am a member of both, and i also believe that bux.gs is better than neobux coz there are a lot more earnings in bux.gs. but compared to neobux, bux.gs does not have that much features like graphs and other tracking stuffs. one important feature of bux.gs is its anti-cheat detection system, you'll get banned in no time once they have detected that 2 accounts has logged in in a single IP. but have you tried renting refs in bux.gs? are the rented refs active?