To Graduate or not to Graduate!?!

United States
June 15, 2009 11:40pm CST
I graduated the year 2008 and some of my friends were supposed to graduate with me but instead they dropped out their last year of high school in the middle of the year......WHY? was that really a smart thing to do?
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• United States
16 Jun 09
Really depends on what their life/career goals are. There are plenty of self-made people out there who are far more successful than others with PhD's. I mean, what they want to do require a highschool education?
@anna728 (1499)
• United States
27 Jun 09
I agree with you. I also graduated 2008 and it is ridiculous how many people I know didn't graduate. But it is, as you point out, even more ridiculous to drop out senior year. I mean you only have a few more months to go, and you've already put so much into it. And it is SO easy to graduate. You only need to get Ds and you can fail lots of classes and still graduate. And I disagree with what someone said above about how you might not need it for what you want to do. I think that argument works for higher education- not everyone needs to go to college- but I think just for the sake of not being completely ignorant you should at least do high school. And you can graduate early if you're so sure you have other things to do with your life. My best friend dropped out of high school the second month of our sophomore year. She does nothing now. She's been basically a hermit living with her parents since. My school was terrible with that stuff. Starting freshman year there were just under 600 of us and on my graduation night, exactly 450 people graduated. That means 1/4 dropped out. That's way too many people.
• Philippines
16 Jun 09
definitely, you should be atleast a high school graduate to have a job. and my advice is you should continue in college.. C: