Lady Physcologist Mother to be at 63

United States
June 16, 2009 1:01am CST
A lady physcologist took fertility treatment in hopes of having a baby. She got pregnant be now telling the media she Is 7 months pregnant at the age 63. This is an all time record of the oldest women to be pregnant. I personally don't think she should have gotten pregnant because of how old she is and how hard it is on her body. Not to mention when the child is young she will be old and it is alot different when you are older be taking care of child. You also have too look at the fact that childs mom will die sooner than a young mom would and that child has too live with that. Everyones a I know but the fact is that we only live for so many years it's sad but true. To do this puts a damper on the mothers life and the childs. Being a physcologist she should have know what this could mean for her child.
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