Why do you want to exchange you time for the same amount of money?

United States
June 16, 2009 5:19am CST
This may be a controversial thought, but I'm just throwing it out there for some people to think about and hopefully respond to. Why are we always "happy" exchanging our time for the same amount of money no matter how hard we work?
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@sexyposh (576)
• Philippines
16 Jun 09
I think I've read this from "Rich Dad, Poor Dad"... hehe:) Because, maybe a lot of people are scared to take the risk.. that is why they stick to their day jobs... only a few have the guts to go on their on and excel.. But for me, I use my day job paycheck as my capital for my other business that will serve as my passive income.. in that way I'm like hitting two birds with one stone.. and I'm happy... :)
• United States
17 Jun 09
I guess my thinking is totally on the right path then because I have never read "Rich Dad Poor Dad" :) Good for you using your day job earning to start your business. Unfortunately, I am not in the position to go it on my own yet because I'm not earning enough money online and my DH doesn't have a steady job or income. I have been busting my butt lately to increase my earnings but having to go and sell my time for a set rate during the day is just killing me lately.
@katka15 (105)
• Slovak Republic
16 Jun 09
I'm not sure I get what you mean with exchanging our time for the same amount of money. It is natural that some days the workload is lesser and some days you just don't know which task to start first. My job is majorly influenced by quarter ends and month ends. Those days I work for 10-12 hours with no additional pay. I guess it is balanced. I wouldn't want to be paid less on days that I hardly have anything to do.
• United States
16 Jun 09
I guess I'm just wondering why people are willing to work their butts off for a set amount of money making someone else richer, but when you bring up starting a business they worry about having a steady paycheck. The steady paycheck can be gone any day as we've seen in the last 6-8 months, but people just go back to the same situation with a different employer instead of taking a chance. I would rather work for myself and make money for myself by my efforts than get paid the same amount of money per hour every day making someone else rich. PS: Don't worry I'm not promoting any MLM or get rich quick thing; it's just this way of thinking has really been bugging me for the last month and I wanted to see if I was in the minority.
@subha12 (18452)
• India
16 Jun 09
It is true in many cases. People think how much we earn a day. Plus what effort we put in for that. it is every body's concern.