MOVIES that you prefer??

June 16, 2009 7:56am CST
I PREFER TO WATCH MOVIE IN THE BIG SCREEN.. its very fun but since i got pregnant and have my family.. i never visit movie house a long time ago, that's why i don't know the new movie this season.. can u give or suggest me some beautiful movie that you prefer, for me to buy the DVD copy. thanks..
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@liuchen63 (270)
• China
17 Jun 09
I like to watch a movie in the cinema with big screen.It's cool and I can really feel the movie.If I watch a movie with my computer,it won't be such good.I cannot feel any movie's feeling.But going to the cinema costs a lot,so I don't go there very often.At least I go to watch movie there twice a month.
• United States
16 Jun 09
Well last time I went to the movie's a BABY cried all the time so now I go to the DRIVE - IN love that our I go to love watching all the new movie's there enjoy...........
16 Jun 09
A recent one would be (as you might expect) Slum Dog Millionaire. I personally recomend Marley and Me as well, both not too old nor that new but both available on DVD. Hope i helped