any academic plagiarizing in your country?

June 16, 2009 9:10am CST
currently,the phnomenon of academic plagiarizing becomes more and more serious in my country and people involved are always the students or professors in universities.many people have been quit for such reasons. the adverse effects of academic plagiarzing are obvious. first,it is illegal to plagizrze other people's achievements.poeple who tried their best to do research and finally got the results and publish their achievements in the journals will feel being deceived.the behavior of plagiarize is just like stealing something from other people's house. besides, the behavior will leave a bad influence on others. if doing research is such a easy thing,then no one in the university will take efforts to study and what they need to do is just copying the existed passages. further more, being a professor, teaching students is not a only thing, do some research is also a main task for professors, only in this way ,can our county become more competitive. in my point of view, the goverment must take some serious measures to avoid these phenomenon and we ourselves should also take some time to think it and let it never happen on ourselves.
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@rosdimy (3935)
• Malaysia
17 Jun 09
Many may not admit it but there are many cases of plagiarism in my country. This conclusion is made based on what students in higher education centres said. There are several reasons to this phenomenon. 1) Students genuinely short of time due to unforeseen, and unavoidable, circumstances. This does not the act right. 2) Student have no clue on what exactly should be done to complete an assignment. For example many teachers are doing part time study to earn a degree. Their knowledge is limited so they look for short cuts. 3) The culprits are too lazy to do a research, or spend some time thinking about the assignment. 4) The culprits know that they can get away with it because of their professional position. There are lecturers who make proactive measures to reduce plagiarism. For example several lecturers insist on a soft copy. Laws against plagiarism can be enacted by the government, but the implementation and enforcement would not be easy. all the best, rosdimy