Arabic countries has made 7000 billion dollars by selling oil

@faisai (1138)
Hong Kong
June 16, 2009 9:38am CST
I just read an article from the newspaper that the Arabic countries has made a total of 7000 billion US dollars over the past 70 years just by selling oil to the world. It seems that the whole world has been working for these countries so as to make them rich. Just look at how much assets that are now holding around the world. It is sad for me to know that these countries can make money so easily while countries without oil has to do so much to pay them.
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@betsyhu (207)
• China
17 Jun 09
No fair in the world since the moment of the earth exist,including everyone being born. Dubai is most rich city in Arabic,which is paradise of magnate, for the city around desert, they build most by artificial,so as to like boom oasis in the desert. But I believe nature resource will use up one day. Now various negative news has been reported that Dubai is meeting with deteriorating environment for person's pollution.