So, How was your day?

@cryw0lf (1302)
United Kingdom
June 16, 2009 10:53am CST
Okay. It's just hit around 5pm where i am. And i have possibly had the worst / best day ever. I surprising, woke up extremely early, which was nice for a change, i felt refreshed, the sun was shining, I'd had a conversation with my boyfriend in the morning and i was literally over the moon. The day was absolutely brilliant, until it hit around 2o'clock. I had to be somewhere at 3, and the guy servicing our boiler was taking absolutely ages. He kept trying to chat /// AND He was being extremely sexist, saying how us women are always spending money, then he said, as he was leaving, and when i was leaving, "Let me move my van first, Women drivers haha." This was around 2:50. So i scooted in the car with my mother, asked her to give me a list, we followed the instructions for a while, then asked for directions, got lost again, asked for more directions, figured we were going the right way, then had to ask AGAIN for directions. It turned out, i was like, an HOUR late in the end. And... not only was i an hour late, but the person i NEEDED to meet with about a interview had JUST left. So you can imagine. I'm trying to wind down. Very stressed. Anyway, So, How was your day?
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@luna198 (96)
• China
16 Jun 09
it's 0 o'clock am where i am,so it's new day for me,but it's time to go to bed now~
@ivana980 (156)
• Italy
16 Jun 09
My day it was bored until now... i was at the pc, but now i have to go out... i hope i will have fun!!!