Do you support reservation of official posts and academic seats?

June 16, 2009 11:18am CST
My country's economy and society are badly hit by the policy of reservation in official posts and seats in educational institutions.It was justifiable at the beginning- i.e, just after being independent nation. Certain percentage of Government jobs and seats in Government run educational institutions are reserved for certain communities of the society to bring them to the par with the forward communities.These communities had been deprived of education in the preindependent India.Hence they could not come forward to avail the benefit of the development of the country and lead a decent life.Thus reservation was expected to remove this gap between the forward and the backward communities. The long 55 years or so of reservation policy has given the desired out put and these backward communities are now at par with other communities. So, this policy has no relevance in the present time.It is standing in the way to producing good quality human resource in my country. In the light of this picture do you think there should be reservation of official posts and academic seats?
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@rashmie (947)
• United Arab Emirates
18 Jun 09
It's all about we look things. If reservation is being provided strictly on the philosophy of Affirmative Action then there is nothing wrong in this. This has given good results in the USA. However, in India, there is nothing as such Affirmative when it comes to reservation. All is charged with negativity..with a view to garner votes by silly short sighted politicians. Affirmative Actions never meant helping the lower section of society at the cost of those who are working good and fruitful for the overall development of the state. It must be a win win situation. But that is not happening in India. As the recent decision by the last government shows they have upped the income for creamy layer too high which makes it ridiculous to think that they need reservation. The bright light is off course the wave of globalisation, which is helping those people who can produce results because of stronger private sectors.
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• India
18 Jun 09
Yes, it is quite ridiculous to frame a reservation system based on caste and religion. The creamy layer adds to the ridiculousness of the Reservation system. These short sighted politicians resort to all unfair means just inorder to gain their votes. The system in our country is that bad and corrupted.
17 Aug 11
why should we support reservation???let's see 1:when u'll go to villages even now the very second question after asking ur name is what is ur caste?and if u belong to lower caste i.e.SC/ST u r treated as achoot(untouchable not literally but yes it is so they give them food in different utensils and many more things). 2.even in urban india peoples mentality is as if they don't deserve to be even seated with upper caste people or dont deserve to get education. 3.even recent study published in times of India shows that there is partiality going on the basis of caste in premier institutes like I.I.T.,AIIMS e.t.c. which were reported to police,dont count those cases of small insti. or universities or those cases which are not reported to the police. we should have reservation until this lower caste people are not treated equivalent to upper caste people in India.
• India
20 Jun 09
During the recent riots in Rajasthan by the Gujjan community for reservation, I had read somewhere in a newspaper that India is perhaps the only country which is proud of its 'backward' classes and its a Govt policy to keep them labelled as 'backward' for the votebank...can you understand the irony of this statement? When globally people are striving to come forward by education and job, we are happy to remain 'backward'...just because it promotes mediocrity over merit and the party in power enjoys an assured votebank. If you look around you today, you will find many many Brahmins and 'upper caste' people in abject poverty...Govt education and jobs have no special place for them...and then there are the 'backward' classes who have reaped the benefits of decades of reservation...they are well educated, flaunt plump Govt jobs and are very well off, yet they have that 'backward' certificate with them which ensures they enjoy the privileges and pass the same onto their children, who dont need reservation any more. Its a complete sham, a shameful affair. Yet, you also see those millions in poverty to whom reservation means nothing. Our 'tryst with destiny' has come to such a level that we no longer look at the qualifications of a person, a mere certificate is enough to get a person admitted to a higher education course or a good Govt job...leaving others, more qualified, yet without that certificate, out in the lurch! You can see the results all around you...Indian bureaucracy today is full of sycophants and mediocre people whose vested interests lie more in promoting their own caste, rather than the collective betterment of the nation. If we are to claim our position as a world class nation, we should start behaving like one... And then, dont you think that reservation further enforces the viled 'caste system' rather than eradicate it?
• India
24 Jun 09
I am completely against reservation on the basis on communities. If at all there should be reservation, let there be 10 or 15% for women from poor/rural families. Lets help women, keeping in mind that India's progress quadrupled after the 80s when women came out of their houses in large numbers. It is a sad sight to see people claiming socially/economically backward reservation (in my own college) when they own two houses and three cars. Lets give a fair chance to every student and every potential employee of this country.
• India
26 Jun 09
i support reservation in official posts and academic seats...Only then there would be a chance for the backward castes to come up in the society.