Peace is prayer!

June 16, 2009 12:57pm CST
I feel peace within myself everytime I pray. Like a quiet evening every night before bedtime. Even though, i think of something bad or annoying. It really disappear on my mind. I am engulf with peace and I seem away from trouble. Of course, as a natural, peace loving person that you are? Have you ever experience the same things. At the start of closing your eyes and you think of something outside of praying. All the doubts, misunderstanding about your communion with God through prayer. All of this disappear..It really works, prayer as a powerful tools to keep our mind to think only good things. Praying is the ultimate solution for all your worries. Do you believe so?
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• Philippines
17 Jun 09
Yes I think so prayer keeps me at peace whenever I am worried. I do believe in prayer we talk to God and he always listen to us. We should only be genuine and focus to our prayer so that we can hear Him. Just have faith and everything will be on its right path.
• Philippines
18 Jun 09
Prayer is a wonderful tools and the first and the only things that anybody who are deeply in trouble can have free access. Anytime, anywhere, whatever you doing and any places you desire to commune with God. You can tell Him, your worries and secrets. And, yet you are welcome with no complaints at all. After, releasing your worries and any things that bothers you. Any person who pray in secret or whether in public worship places can realize that good feeling is achieves every time you pray. It is wonderful feelings and produces calming effects both in your mind. Praying is necessary whatever religion we have or domination you belong, as long as you know how to pray. You are at peace with yourself and with the world.
• United States
16 Jun 09
I've had situations where I would worry about something the whole day, And then the minute I prayed about it, I got the answer, We moved recently and we now live in an apartment complex on the fourth story and we have a small balcony, At night I like to pace back and fourth on it and pray, there is something about it that it is easier then usual to pray out there on the balcony, like I know that I know that I know God is right there with me, listening, speaking, not the usual faith that he is there, but just that there is something different about that spot....
• Philippines
17 Jun 09
Praying really helps a lot of people, just imagine or if this ever happened to you, alone in a strange places. You're in a deserted places or simply a a place where most criminals live. When, you are trap in those situation. You cannot depend on anybody, but with God. You'll will never feel alone. He serve as armor against bad elements, making us feel stronger along any troubles that might be encounter.