Do you have all your teeth natural?Or you have few who are not yours?

@icesmile (7160)
June 16, 2009 1:59pm CST
Do you have some implants? I like a nice smile, and teeth are so important, don t you think so? Do you really care about your teeth?To be white and healthy?
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@UK_Shree (3604)
16 Jun 09
Yes all of my teeth are originally my own, and I am very happy to say that I have never had any major dental problems. I do have one filling however but only got that six months ago. I do like looking after my teeth, after all a great smile consisting of beautiful white teeth is very attractive.
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@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
16 Jun 09
This is wonderful, i hate go to dentist, maybe is better if we really care about our theeth
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@glesil_00 (1143)
• Philippines
18 Jun 09
Natural teeth from childhood can't replace anything artificially. Natural teeth is still the best one you can have so you must take care of the teeth. I still have my natural teeth, its because of food you eat too, even you clean your teeth there are still factors that make it break. Smoking can cause your teeth unhealthy and some food.
@yugasini (12836)
• Anantapur, India
17 Jun 09
hi icesmile, i will brush twice daily in morning and in the night while going before bed, i use medicated paste for safety of my teeth, thank you
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@airakumar (1555)
• India
17 Jun 09
Yes, I do have. And I totally agree with you that clean teeth and a smile is like ice on the top of the cake..;-) I take care of my teeth. I brush twice a day.
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• United States
16 Jun 09
Hi, Ice! It's funny that you should bring that up today. I broke a tooth, and the dentist will put a crown on it when the surgery on my jaw heals. I keep wondering if it will feel strange having a tooth that isn't "original equipment" among the others.
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@rainbow (6763)
16 Jun 09
I have all my own teeth and have never had to have anything done to them. I clean them and have to admit that I tend to judge people a little by their teeth. This sounds awful but if someone has awful teeth I find myself unable to stop looking while they speak, I hope they don't notice but I seem drawn to them, lol.
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• Canada
27 Aug 09
All of my teeth are my own. I have never need to have a tooth pulled, and my teeth are in very good condition. I have had a few cavities in my life, but I've gotten those fixed right away, and there have been no more problems with those particular teeth. We have very good teeth in my family.
@thea09 (18319)
• Greece
31 Aug 09
Good morning danishcanadian, I'm so happy to hear of the excellent teeth in your mouth and that you have managed thus far to avoid having a tooth pulled. It is indeed a nasty business and some of these dentists just go in with their pliers and give a good yank without bothering to give a nice numbing injection first, totally barbaric I'm sure you'd agree.