What is your favorite zanpaktuo?

June 16, 2009 5:17pm CST
i love Bleach! although i really hate how slow the progress of the story goes, i still can't find myself to quit watching it..:) one of the things that i watch (and read) are the their zanpaktuos.. so take your pick. which zanpaktuo would you have and why?:)
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@Bionicman (3958)
• Czech Republic
16 Jun 09
I like Zangetsu the most and I like the concept behind Kira's sword. I think it has great potential. I wonder what it would do on bankai. If I'd be a shinigami I dunno what kind of zanpakuto would I have...probably some big sword.
• Philippines
17 Jun 09
Kira's sword is interesting but its needs to clear the distance between him and his oppponent.. its bankai form is surely a must watch!!! :)
@shinsuke (81)
• Canada
21 Dec 09
I like Byakuya's sword because it's creative I think... I have never seen a sword that shatters in order to attack its enemy, haha I also like Gin's sword, I really love the way it can extend for like 50 meters or something... the first time I saw that, I thought "Man, that's so cool!" XD
@iamJuNe2 (50)
• Philippines
6 Jul 09
been addicted to bleach ever since my classmate told me all about it. like, 3 years ago??? LOL ^_^ if bleach is slow, what more of naruto shippuuden????????????? waaak! @_@ ANYWAY, *cough2*, as much as i love the captains and vice captains, the fraccion's resurrecions are also pretty amazing and great, arent they? the gay one, however, was WAY WAY OUT OF THE LINE! i kept on laughing at his look while being embarrassed for him! @_@ yumichika was beautiful as always (biased. LOL)heck, bleach has truly a lot of double meanings! (if you get what i mean. hahahaha ^_^) ahem! tonigaku, going back to the zanpakuto, i really like kira's. it's very useful and deadly at the same time. the fight needs to be closed-ranged though. soi fon's is also very pretty and simple yet dangerous. ichigo's, byakuya's, hitsugaya's, and genryusai's zanpakuto are all outstanding in their own ways, but usually predictable. and mayuri's bankai just gives me the creeps...it's really scary. *shivers* @_@ now, what i'd really love to see is 4th squad captain Unohana-taicho in action! there must be some brawns beneath all that gentleness and beauty! LOL i also would really like to know how yachiru got the fukutaicho position. how can such a child do it??? show us some release form please! LOL ^_^ waaaaaaaa, i've been blabbing too much! suma! @_@ PS. please dont forget to rate and comment! thanks a lot! ^_^ and no spoilers please. hahahaha ^_^ happy MYLOTTING! =)
@Daraiki (52)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
27 Aug 09
Wabisuke=despair It serves it purpose. Doubles the weight of everything it hits(even the wight of a man's guilt). I simply love the shape it can be useful in various situations.
• United States
10 Sep 09
Kira's zanpakuto has a definite purpose, and can be VERY useful. I love Rukia's though, I only wish it was more stronger.
@yasuy19 (12)
• Philippines
14 Sep 09
I have many Zanpaktous that I like. But I'll just give three: 1) Hyourinmaru - aI love it because it's so cool. It controls the weather too. I like it because it's water and ice type and I love the cold. 2) Zangetsu - it has a cool bankai. It really rocks. 3) Wabisuke - it's cool it doubles the weight of whatever it slashes. The it's name despair or apologizer really fits the sword. I'd lov to see it's bankai too.