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United States
June 17, 2009 2:42am CST
cars.... they are our transportation as of today. we need these little cars to take us to the doctor, school, store, dentists, everywhere that we have to go on our daily lives. without these wonderful cars, we would not have no way to go to the store except walk. There are some people out there that doesn't have a car and they have to walk everywhere that they have to go. but, for the ones that do have a car, what would you do if you got your car taken away from you for good? Let's say that the law took your license away from you, and told you that you were not to have them back ever again. and let's saly that you went to someone's house to ask them for a ride and they said that they couldn't for whatever reason, and you had no other way to go to whereever you had to go, but, walk. how would it make you feel? How would it affect your lifestyle? What would you do to keep your life moving like before but without a car this time? would you walk every where for the rest of your life? How would you re-act to this situation? How would it make you feel? What would you do? These are all very very important questions that would reflect on our daily lives while we are here on Earth. SOme people don't realize just how good they have it to have those license and have a car. and than they go out here drinking and driving and than lose their license over stupid stuff. I've been in that situation before. I've lost my driver's license and had to do everything by walking. my mom was with me when i lost my license, so, she did take me to work whenever i had to go. but now that i am on my own, it's hard to do without a car. i've been without a car before while on my own, and let me tell you that it was not fun at all. i hated it and i had to walk basically everywhere i needed to go. we were in another town where we weren't close to our families, so, that made it real tough. i didn't lose my license than though, but, my car tore up, and i didn't have no way to get it fixed, nor did my friends have any money. we had to scrench and save to get us an old beat up car that would hardly run. so, it tore up again as well. so, what about you guys? have you ever been in this situation before? and what about the questions that I asked earlier? How did you relate to them and how do you relate to them now? How would it affect your life now if you had no car, no driver's license and no one to take you to where you need to go in life? i do know that this would be hard to cope with, but, it's the hard way of life. i sat there many times thinking about our ancestors and how they managed to live decent without no car, no nothing. i bet that they had a hard lifestyle in general, don't you?
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@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
29 Sep 09
Hey, Yea that is quite true, when I actually think about it, I have no idea how the people in the olden times actually lived without a car, because nowadays some people just can not live without one. I don't have one just yet, but I manage fine without one. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!
• India
22 Jun 09
yeah are so helpful and they are so important too in our daily life.itz very difficult to travel without a car.i think cars plays an importnt role in our daily life.