Do you carry snacks when you go on shopping?

@cudamani (996)
June 17, 2009 11:22pm CST
I insist on carrying some snacks when we go for shopping because on the way it will be serving the purpose. Some times we may take long hours in getting the work done and snacks quench our hunger and thirst. Do you carry snacks?
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• Philippines
20 Jun 09
I do not bring any snacks like food or drinks when I go shopping. But when I am shopping and I feel hunger, I usually go for some snacks withing the shopping center. Its nice to have a break especially when you get hungry looking for the thing you want to buy in such big department stores or supermarket.
18 Jun 09
I don't really carry snacks but I usually have a small packet of peppermints in my pocket so that if I end up shopping for too long I have something to suck on. I never use to do this until I realised that everytime I went shopping I would buy a new packet of mints and then when I got home they would get thrown in the draw and forgotten about. Wasting money on shopping trips is something I try to avoid, lol.
@mama_bear (1121)
• Canada
18 Jun 09
yes i do this for those that i go shopping with, first and foremost i hate shopping it sucks secondly the last thing that would be good on said shopping adventure is if i turn feral due to low blood sugar. i usually have a mars bar and or something.
@med889 (5953)
18 Jun 09
I carry a bottle of water everytime I go out anywhere, this is my priority because you never know when you might need it. But for a shopping day then I will bring one bottle of water, maybe two sandwiches and a fruit. This is taken just for a need and if I want to eat something somewhere then I will obviously do it. But having something already in the bag is a must for me.
• New Zealand
18 Jun 09
I have got myself a rule that I always try mu best to follow and the rule is that I always eat something before I go shopping. It doesn't matter what I eat as long as I don't get tempted into eating at the foodcourt in the mall. I also carry some kind of snack in my handbag all the time. That help if get hungry while shopping and also I have a histoy of diabetes so I could lose my sugar level and thn I would have to eat something fast.
@achinthya (1217)
• India
18 Jun 09
I do carry snacks and a water bottle while going for shopping if my 3years old son also coming with us otherwise we used to have some snacks or chats in the restaurant after shopping got over.
@amybrezik (2120)
• United States
18 Jun 09
I do for my children sometimes, but not usually for myself. Thanks for the idea!