what are the ways to impress the person u love?

June 18, 2009 12:18am CST
Can anyone say..............how to impress the person.... we love the most
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• Philippines
21 Jun 09
If you want to impress the one you love, you have to know him first, know those things which make him interesting and which are not... If you know him that well, it wont be that hard for you to please him... And one more thing, this is based on my ownexperience, dont open up conversations which he's not interested at and senseless...
@eLsMarie (4348)
• Philippines
18 Jun 09
in order for you to impress the one you love, you should be able to find out for yourself the things that pleases him/her or things that can make her really happy... :)
@djkdave (15)
• United States
18 Jun 09
Find out what they like, surprise them with food or a small gift. Meet their needs in the relationship. Be unpredictable, surprise them, show them you can be creative and have new ideas.
@achinthya (1219)
• India
18 Jun 09
hi, if its a husband impress him by cooking his favorite dishes and stay fit and young never show the frown face , always thank him and praise him infront of everyone
• New Zealand
18 Jun 09
Firstly you have to know all there is to know about your love and thn it won't seem as hard but if you don't know what your loved ones likes and dislikes are and I suggest food because everyone likes food. You can impress the one you like by cooking something for them. You can find lots of receipes in your local food television or the internet is very helpful as well but if your are not so confident in your cooking thn I suggest getting takeways. To impress a person on your first date thn I suggest going out to a resturant that's not too crowded or too empty. The resturant also cant be too cheap or too flashy as you don't want to anyone feel uncomfortable. or going to a good movie is not a bad idea either.