what's the way to prevent and to get heart disease??

June 18, 2009 1:38am CST
many people are prone to this disease..they are eating all types of food and at the end their lives also END due to heat disease like heart attack..am doing a survey fo this..will you please help me to get enough information in this..i'l be grateful to you all..
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@Tom728 (175)
• United States
11 Oct 09
I know that heart disease is genetic, and caused by smoking, red meat, and salty stuff. Basically some people just have hearts that need to looked after very carefully. Strengthened without being over stressed.
@lalyn19 (18)
• Philippines
24 Jun 09
Heart disease is a common ailment nowadays because of unhealthy foods that is available in the market. Processed meat, instant food that has many preservative. Fatty foods and other foods that contains saturated fats and high cholesterol contibute in having a heart disease. To prevent heart disease one must have a balance diet especially when heart disease is genetically acquired. Choose what you eat. Eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and fish. Eating meat once a week would help too. Of course proper exercsise will keep your heart healthy. Excercising regularly woild help a good blood circulation by that we'll have a healty heart.
@earnnings (1296)
• India
18 Jun 09
Hi Kamisha, Welcome to mylot, enjoy earning here and develop much more skills here. You get all the information from discussions in mylot. You get helped by mylotters and also you have a chance of helping others. All the best for you in mylot :) Your discussion is very helpful in today's life in case of health. Today most of us are addicted to junk foodie which is very harmful to our health. Intake of fast food occassionally doesn't matter but some consume them regularly which will in-turn result in many diseases. I think mostly heart attacks are caused due to the bad cholesterol deposited in the valves of the heart which obstruct in pumping of the blood to the whole body. In order to keep ourselves fit and free from such chronic diseases. We need to take balanced diet with full of fibrous food which is rich in raw vegetables. The saturated fats that deposit in our body results in not only heart attacks but also many diseases. The best thing to avoid such diseases is maintain our diet and practice of yoga and exercises can make us free from getting such attacks. By doing this we can make our body live longer and there will be end some day but atleast we can extend our lives for some more days. I hope i could help you out by giving some information. Keep smiling and happy mylotting :)