Why do so many people watch MTV

@arcidy (5013)
United States
June 18, 2009 12:28pm CST
MTV is full of crap all there reality shows suck and have a bad influnce on people. Plus most of them are probally scripted. Mtv has got to be the worse channel on tv And I wish they bann it from tv.
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• India
18 Jul 09
Hello my friend arcidy Ji, Well, it is individual's choice. How one enjoys should be left to individual. Why to assualt privacy in taht case. Let them understand themselves, what is good and what is bad. AS good is important in the life, I feel bad is too important as it will add to one's experiences and one would never follow path in future. I too never watch that channel. May God bless you and have a great time.
@animestan (323)
• Canada
18 Jun 09
In Canada, MTV used to be for teenagers who want up to date news with celebs. artists. and videos and present day music. Although it still contains some of that, some reality shows are still okay. No need for it to be banned on tv (you can complain to the network, but I doubt they would do something because of its popularity, and MTV aint for everyone, its immposible to please everyone) and if you really have an issue with MTV, just dont go to that channel? Easy?
@katka15 (105)
• Slovak Republic
18 Jun 09
With MTV it mostly depends on the country that broadcasts it. I used to watch German MTV and it was full of music and music videos with occasional news and reality tv shows. The programming was good and the VJs interesting. I agree that if a channel calls itself music tv...it should be first of all about music.
@tonyllenium (6260)
• Italy
18 Jun 09
i think the major purpose that mtv is so famous and loved by teenagers in particular is because the music and videos!!So i think in many cases on this channel programs are not so good or quality programs as well..and in many cases they are stupid too but i think the amin point of its success is about music and for their programs at all!!In fact sometimes many people switch on mtv just to listen music or see some videos of their favourite singers or kind of music..
@whizkid08 (715)
• India
18 Jun 09
That channel used to be my favorite some 2 years ago. But now, they really have "only" Reality shows, those foolish programs splitsville and all crap!! The channel "Music Television", it has lost its own meaning!!! Damn the fools! But there are so many people enjoying those women dumping and ditching men out there and these shows have a higher TRPs.. grrr