DO you eat out everyday???

@Lucky12 (769)
United States
June 18, 2009 9:34pm CST
Hey i wanna know if you eat out every single day. I really don't I mean i have to cook and stuff like that it is so weird to go and eat out like that. If you do eat out do you spend a lot of money or just a little? When we eat out we spend an average of about 24 dollars and thats it sometimes. Thnaks for your post and opinions.
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@jt1981 (126)
• United States
19 Jun 09
We rarely eat out. We maybe get fast food a couple times a week and even then we try to only get dollar burgers and just drink what we already have at home. I've recently started using coupons for my groceries and shopping around sales, and I feel like "Why did I spend all that time clipping coupons and reading sales papers to save 50 cents here and 75 cents there only to go and blow $30 on one meal?" It hurts to throw away money on food that would probably be tastier if I cooked it myself anyway. I used to see eating out as a treat and didn't mind paying for the experience more than the food. Now it just makes me feel too guilty and I can't even enjoy it! If we would eat out soon, I would try to go to a place that has a "buy one entree get one free" coupon, or go on a night when kids eat free or something. I'd also be the one ordering water and watching my family jealously while they selfishly sip on their cokes. I'm not bitter though, lol.:)
• United States
19 Jun 09
I attend to cook a meal for my family, with desert, i do go out once in a while to eat. but since the econemy is bad I try to cook at home. Most likely it would be a bake potatoe with subway sandwitch spend about 15 bucks.
@dianmelydia (2271)
• Indonesia
19 Jun 09
Recently i always buy take away for my meals. I seldom cook at home. As an employee, i have most of my time for working. That's why i have no more time for buying some ingredients and cooking. But i still hoping one day when my living getting better i can cook for my daily meals again. I know the difference between self-cooked foods and takeaways. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.