The Descent.

United States
June 18, 2009 10:01pm CST
(This is only for people who have actually seen this movie. If not, this will ruin the ending for you.) I saw the Descent not too long ago, I was excited about this movie because I had not seen another movie like it and I wanted to know what they could do with it. It was severely disappointing. I thought that maybe it would be a movie with more twist to it, but no. There were crawling salamander-people that were cannibals. Somehow, hundreds of years ago, explorers got trapped in this cave and evolved into these "crawlers"? Or were the crawlers already there, and killed the earlier explorers? If so, why had no one discovered these crawlers? There was hardly any real story. Once they get in the cave, they start dying. One girl kills another, one girl goes crazy, and one girl is magically blessed with the ability to throw a crude pick from a fair distance and actually hit, with the right end, and kill a crawler. The crazy girl is the only one left, falls into a hole and passes out. When she wakes up she finds the way out and drives off. Forget phones! Who ever calls the cops after such a horrific event? Anyway, she pulls over and.. Boo! A monster in the side seat when she turns around. She awakens, still in the cave staring at an illusion of a child with a cake. End. What the heck? Okay, some movies you can leave questions. Where did he go? You have two choices. Okay, we can work with that. But what happens to this girl? Was any of it real? How did the crawlers get there? Was there ever any way out? Oh well. I guess it was the extremely disappointing ending that ruined it for me. I want to go spelunking now.
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