What is your favorite zanpaktuo?

June 18, 2009 11:00pm CST
okay, let's not limit this to the weapons and powers of the Shinigamis.. you can also choose that of the Arrancars, Espadas..heck even the Bountus.. so, which is it? also tell why! :D
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• Canada
6 Aug 10
My favorite zanpaktuo would be Zaraki's lmaoo soooo simple. No name no special powers it simpy shows his raw strenght and power. It shows everyone how he deserves to be a squad captain and how he should be feeared because the day he learns his Zanpaktou's name....ALL SHALL TREMBLE IN FEAR! ;)
@voxnocis (19)
• United States
7 Dec 09
its hard to decide... hyourinmaru is really cool. it is kinda odd to see a midget like toshiro weald a weapon that powerful. benihime has some interesting abilitys. senbonzakura can do some immpressive things, but pink is not exactly the best color for an attack. zangetsu is of course one of the best. tenza zangetsu is amazing a solid black katana with a solid black verson of getsuga tenshou defenitly a great bankai. opposite to tenza zangetsu in apperance sode shiraiko the other ice zanpakuto is cool hyourinmaru is stronger but sode shiraiko is still devestating. out of all the arrancar stark and lilynette have the most intesting abilitys. lilynette could be considerd starks zanpakto. if you count her as a zanpakto then she is my favorite
@Desmont (80)
• United States
22 Jun 09
I like Captain Hitsugaya's Hyorinmaru, its one of the few ice-based zanpakuto and it's one of the most powerful ice zanpakuto in the series so far.
• Brazil
2 Dec 09
Kyoka Suigetsu's power is unbeliveable stronger.. I think she is the most powerful zampakutou.. But, my favourite is the Soi Fon's zamp, Suzumebachi. It's is so silence, so killer-like, i love it.