Whose the better man: Kira (Deathnote) or Lelouch (Code Geass)?

June 18, 2009 11:03pm CST
hmmmm... i wonder.. Kira and Lelouch really do have a lot in common.. they were bored to death and angry at their world for being so rotten and corrupted.. and one day, they were given the powers to change everything.. but who's the better man? Kira or Lelouch?
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@canxnac (421)
• Indonesia
21 Jun 09
haha truth be told, the same question ever crossed my mind once... the two really have so much in common, granted by such power and wanting to change the world and all.... well, in my opinion it should be Lelouch. Kira doesnt even care if he had to sacrifice his very own family to reach what he's aiming for, but Lelouch... well, if you watch R2's ending it turned out that his doing is actually for the sake of bringing peace to the world itself, which I think is very noble. I really like Lelouch, poor boy had to end like that *sobs*
• Philippines
23 Jun 09
i have finished watching Code Geass.. and what he did was REALLY selfless.. such a tragic ending! :(
• Saudi Arabia
1 Aug 10
I think Lelouch was wayyy better a person than Kira. Sure, Kira killed criminals, but he also killed some innocent people and used them too... He was ready to sacrifice his family for himself. He was selfish. He was killing off criminals as long as he himself was safe from danger. And in the end, he was afraid to die as well. Lelouch is the exact opposite. Lelouch tried to bring about world peace. He was not willing to sacrifice his sister. He wanted his sister to live in a world that was peaceful. He wished for peace that he was willing to place all the world's hate onto himself and then sacrificing himself in the end. If we look at their results too, Kira was unsuccessful whilst Lelouch was successful in bringing peace to the world. Therefore, Lelouch was a better person.
@KamiHo (80)
• Portugal
7 Jul 09
The better man is Lelouch. He is a very smart and he is willing to sacrifise what is dearest to him just to achive a higher purpose, world peace. Even though there is a dark purpose behind it, both objectives are connected. Lelouch is the best!
@Lockjaw (73)
• New Zealand
30 Jul 09
I think Lelouch was more of a better person because Light/Kira became too obsessed with his powers and started becoming a bad person, but Lelouch kept his cool and played the right cards. I think he didn't die at the end.
@edxcast (1168)
• Ecuador
31 Jan 10
Hello ddenz11 I LOOOVE both shows, and i believe Kira was more intelligent than Lelouch, though Lelouch is the better man, i absolutely love the ending of this show, so tragic yet so beatiful. Both will remain as my favorite show, perhaps forever.
@shinsuke (81)
• Canada
21 Dec 09
It's difficult to compare these two. Light is able to think in a more commonplace kinda situation - trying to outsmart someone from catching him as the criminal. Lelouch on the other hand thinks in a battlefield situation as the commander... but then he's also trying to outsmart someone from figuring out his identity (for a while anyway)... so I would probably say Lelouch is the better man