a very smart Vegan cat owner..

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June 19, 2009 12:56am CST
A few years ago I knew a couple of Vegans and over heard a conversation between them. Robert had just gotten a brand new kitten and Billy wanted to know if he was going to do the so called right thing and feed it vegatibles only. Robert replied that he had consulted a vet about that and the vet told him the cat was a carnivore, not a herbivore or an omnivore and that an all vegitable diet would make him sick. Billy said that the vet was stupid and Robert should get a second opinion. Robert produced several cat books and pointed out the parts that said what to feed a kitten. At that point Billy got mad and stormed off. I thought Robert was smart for doing his homework on what a cat needed.
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@pyewacket (44032)
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19 Jun 09
Its totally wrong to feed any pet cat or dog a vegetarian diet..animals for the most part ARE carnivores, thus the sharp canine teeth. In the wild animals eat other animals, not a steady diet of plants or veggies. I'm glad Robert set that guy Billy straight, but is Billy still determined to fed his new kitten a vegan diet?
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22 Jun 09
I don't know, I only overheard the one conversation. I know that you can feed dogs vegies, sparingly. You should feed them mostly meat though. CAts though get sick..