Do you think you have a real good freind??????

June 19, 2009 6:48am CST
Do you think do you have a real good freinds...But at present we are can see out lots of frnds around us but whenevr we need one of them we find no one who could realy help you in trouble........So frnd please tell about your real frnd if you have also tell the incident which proves that he is your Real frnds?????????????????
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@dianmelydia (2271)
• Indonesia
19 Jun 09
I don't actually know what is the meaning of real friend. I think everyone is real. If the meaning of real friend is to whom we can share both of our happiness and sadness, i think i haven't any of such friend yet. I never trust other people for my private problem. I have my mom to share anything with. Most of friends only want to take advantages so i'd better keep a distance from them before i dissapointed with them. Friend is friend. Have a nice day and happy mylotting.
• India
22 Jun 09
its not good at all that you dnt knw wat is real let me tell you a real freind is a person in ourlife with whom u can not hide anything......and he can understand all your feeling......and you also can feet the same for him
@Wismay (2038)
• India
19 Jun 09
I make very few friends. Of course I know many people and we talk casually but all are not friends. There are just 3 good friends for me. One was a high school classmate and we use to study and play together. Though now we are not in touch as he is not much into internet and all, but still we have good friendship and understanding. Other two are friends from my graduation. They are very close because we interact regularly and share ideas and day-to-day happenings and future plans. They are real good friends because they are with me since we became friends and we share good rapport. Of course, many incidents are there to prove that.
@Caylaxx (97)
19 Jun 09
Ive had two good friends for about 12 years now and they haven't changed once since i met them, except for their looks. Can talk to them about anything and everything and can come to them for advice and they help me with my problems.