June 19, 2009 11:22am CST
what are the limits in your life? which did you choose, which were imposed? when have you been restrained against your will -be it due shyness,fear,laws,customs, or illness?How do limits help you and how do they hinder you? When you gone too far? When have you resigned yourself to a limit?
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19 Jun 09
Quite a philosophical question this one! Won't answer your question in its entirety! That would take too long apart from anything else! Speaking generally, there are the societal limits, laws, customs, laws of nature, limits of our minds, the need to be polite, not to p*ss people off, so we can make friends and ask favours... The list goes on. Well that as far as I'm prepared to go with your question... will be interesting to see if you get any other responses and to see what they contain!