Rude awakening !

June 19, 2009 2:18pm CST
My cell phone was ringing. My eyes tight shut. I tried to shut my ears from the sound but I couldn't. I decided I should cut the call. I opened my eyes, the cell had stopped ringing just then. "5 missed calls". Uh Oh ! She called 5 times and I didn't answer. Nothing going in my head (still very sleepy). Hey whats the time ? 8.30 in the morning... Hey whats that noise ? I jump up from bed, eyes hurting, trying not to stumble. But nothing was making sense. Couldn't believe what I saw in front of me... My cell phone started ringing again. I was distracted but then what was in front of me was more demanding ! The overhead tank was overflowing, not from the overflow tap but from its lids. Water was just falling. But I really couldn't concentrate on the water. There was something else too. The tank is above the bathroom. The light in the bathroom, the one in the toilet and the one above the wash basin were all blinking ominously. I had to see the water level but I couldn't cause I couldn't open my eyes being in sleep, plus couldn't see properly because of the flashing lights so I switched on another bulb above the wash basin... zzzzzzzzttttttttttttt !!! Owwwwwww !!! (people, DO NOT touch the switch when its virtually drenched in water) Ok that woke me up, I was wide awake ! I rushed inside the bathroom and opened all the taps so that water will reduce a bit. The phone was still ringing (She misses me a lot !). I opened every tap and then rushed to my bedroom and answered the phone. I was still in shock (no pun intended !). I don't know what I said, but maybe something meaningless. I was just waiting for the water to stop dropping from the top, staring at the flow... I saw that all the switches were off but still the lights were blinking, water had seeped trough the walls. I calculated, water comes at 7.40, It was 8.35. It fills in around 20 minutes. So its overflowing like this for 30 mins ?! And why is it still dropping ? Why isn't it stopping ? Every tap is on and the water is not stopping ! OH MY GOD ! I forgot to turn off the inlets (How stupid can one get ?) ! I turned them off... Gradually, water stopped... The blinking lights too stopped after sometime. I saw the connection was tripped and the house was on inverter (its a battery cause we have load shedding here). Maybe it tripped when I got the shock. I don't know... Now that you have read all of it and come till here, "Tell me about your rude awakening. "
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@James72 (26829)
• Australia
19 Jun 09
My advice? Always keep a neatly stacked pile of scuba diving gear beside your bed so that next time the floods arrive, you can make the most of it! I have rude awakenings quite regularly actually and it's all thanks to my rowdy, noisy neighbours that seem to find it impossible to just talk to each other like civilised human beings. Why communicate normally when you can yelland scream at each other at obscure times in the early morning and late evening? The worst rude awakening of all though is when I miss my wake-up alarm for some reason or another and my colleague calls me to ask where the heck I am? This annoys the crap out of me because I then have to jump out of bed and rush out the door without being given the opportunity to wake up properly. Thankfully this has only happened a few times! Well waddya know! While I'm typing this response, it's after midnight here and my wonderful neighbours are currently fighting with each other very loudly! Sigh..... No wonder they say that familarity breeds contempt, I now realise how true that statement actually is!
• India
20 Jun 09
Well my friend, I think you should get yourself one of those mad ferocious dogs that they keep at the pound... You'll be such a nice person (Ya nice to the dog !). And then make sure you let your neighbors know " Hey people ! Lookie here I've got myself a new dog !!! " Ya neighbors are really a pain in the rear sometimes. Its past midnight here too and I bet my neighbors must b wondering what's all the typing noise ??? Man they always spy on me. I think they are wizards or someone and I might be Harry Potter ?
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