Does this seem accurate to you?

June 19, 2009 3:34pm CST
I bought a new digital jumping rope today and I tried it out for the first time. It was supposed to count how many calories you burn and other things. I read on many different sites that on average a person burns about 11 calories per minute while jumping rope. And it coould go up to 20/min. I timed myself to see how many calories I can burn in a min and I couldn't believe it! It took me 3 minutes to burn 5 calories! :O If all the articles I found online were true then this rope is definitely wrong! Do you think it can be accurate or could it be just a scam? Also, I noticed it counted the number of times I swing it, and for every few swings the calories burned would go up a bit. So this doesn't calculate according to each person's individual body, it's the same for everyone. I think I got tricked... is it possible to jump rope for 3 minutes and burn only 5 calories? Please tell me if you ever tried this.
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23 Jun 09
This is totally wrong. I think you did get tricked. You defiantly burn more calories then only 5 in three minutes. Thats crazy. I would take the thing back and say it doesn't work. Happy Mylotting and good luck!
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22 Jun 09
In my opinion that sounds so so wrong lol. Jumping rope should burn way more calories then that I cannot remember the exact number but when I took my gym class my freshman year it was way more than that. You should see if that actual jump rope is messed up or maybe the thing does not actually work in the first place.
@alexz003 (53)
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19 Jun 09
No i think you got scammed or there is something wrong with the rope. By just running in place for a minute you can burn more calories than that.