How often do you think about getting married?

June 19, 2009 4:09pm CST
I think about it everyday lol I guess it doesn't help that my boyfriend told me over 2 years ago that he wants to marry me yet hasn't proposed (we are still quite young though) I dream about the moment I am proposed too lol
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@voldrox (7200)
• India
23 Jun 09
ok... first of all i was feeling very funny when i was answering this question coz, it a question to which mostly girls will reply, but i would like to add my opinion here as a general point of view of boys(maybe i am shy admitting that i wanted to answer hmm well i don't think about getting married much but think of sharing quality time with her... i just imagine that sometimes, probably in the imagination we are already married! :P
26 Jun 09
thanks for replying even though you are a boy! I think all girls wish boys would talk more about marriage, your girlfriend will be very grateful to have a man like you : ) Yeah that's one of the things I think of the most about marriage, about spending quality time doing things together we don't now and how much our relationship will develop.
• Philippines
22 Jun 09
When I was younger I never thought of getting married. I always imagine myself having a job, travelling, driving my own car, living in my own house...things like that. When my fiance was still courting me, he told me that he wants to marry me, I did not believe him because I always thought of how can he be so sure about his feelings and plans if he only know me for a a few months. After several months of courtship and dating, we became official. At that time I still never thought of marriage or wedding, but I started looking into wedding rings. Last March he proposed to me (almost a year of being together), now we often talk about the wedding plans, the house, when we're having a baby...well mostly about our life after the wedding and not the wedding itself. Nowadays I often think of marriage, how my life would be after the wedding, how are we going to handle the problems that might occur after getting married, etc. We planned on getting married December next year, but he said he can't wait that long and wanted to start building our own family so we'll be getting married in December.
26 Jun 09
That is such a sweet story, thanks for sharing with us : ) I hope things turn out like yours did, I have a feeling it might be slightly longer though! Although we are the same and spoke about marriage only after knowing each other a few months
@Ammudoll (549)
• India
19 Jun 09
I often think about marriage, will dream about married life how it will be with him. I'll be with him all day and night, no need to be on phone. But I have another 1 year. long way to go :( I wish we may get married atleast by this month next year :)
26 Jun 09
I hope you get married by then too! You are lucky to only have a year to wait!
@EliteUser (3966)
• Australia
29 Sep 09
Hey, Well I don't really think about getting married that often at all, this is mainly because I don't really have a girlfriend just yet. But I still do think about sometimes, to get a girlfriend, I am just too shy though. Make sure you have a good day, God bless and Happy Lotting!!