Looking for a discussion "why is it so hard to make money at mylot?"

@Citychic (4071)
United States
June 19, 2009 11:14pm CST
Hey friend's I'm looking for this discussion, "Why is it so hard to make money at mylot". I think it was started by a young girl. If you happen to know who started it please send refer it to me, I"m trying to extract some information from the contents of it. thanks in advance.
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@mysdianait (65079)
• Italy
20 Jun 09
Discussions speculating the earning on myLot all usually get deleted sooner or later as one of the Guidelines ask us not to discuss the aglorithm. Many times a question is asked which is already answered in the FAQS and often responses by users are so way off and can therefore mislead others. This is probably why the discussion you are trying to find is no longer around.
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• China
20 Jun 09
I have the same question with the girl,would you give me some imformation,i have added you to my friend.I am a new member of mylot,i joined mylot for 10 days,but i just earn 11 cents.i feel sad,give me some suggestion,please. Thanks a lot.
@roseyroser (1061)
• United States
20 Jun 09
I just searched the discussions for "hard to make money at mylot" and nothing came up that matched the topic title you are looking for. I'm guessing mylot deleted the discussion, but I could be wrong.