which programs will be more popular and useful in the following 10 years?

June 20, 2009 2:30am CST
I majored English during college years, but choose huamn resource development for graduate study. I have never known about this before. Is it a good program? If not, then which do you think will be a good program to study in American? You may answer it regarding job market, future development, and salary.
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• United States
21 Jun 09
Well, with your English background, there are probably a number of good career choices if you plan to return to China. Teaching English is very in demand. I almost joined the Peace Corps for a China assignment. And all the Peace Corps volunteers teach English at a university. As China continues to open up to the West, business will also be a good field - to understand how western businesses operate. Hotel and restaurant management is probably already a big field where many careers are possible. Health care is a very big field as well. Many Chinese hospitals want to learn western methods because western workers want to have western types of healthcare. Information technology should also be in demand. Right now a lot of innovation comes from the west, but I think in the future we will see more innovation coming from Asia. So that is my best guess as to the future. Those are also good career areas if you stay in the USA. Many grad school students end up teaching as well. But right now, in the USA, healthcare is the fastest growing field with good salaries.