we are someone in the world but we should be the world to someone.........

June 20, 2009 3:37am CST
everybody is a human......but everybody is not as anybody because somebody is special to somebody.......though it proves to be complicated this is nice....because every human has his own role models and wants and longs to be like him......and in this case role models prove to be the one who are everybody to somebody in this world....is tis right to say????
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@rmuxagirl (7554)
• United States
4 Oct 09
Yea we are someone in the world, but I dont think we should be the world to someone. I think if we are the world to someone then when something happens it destroys them, or it becaomes creepy for us. I had a guy who said I was the world to him and I wasnt even dating him.
• India
28 Dec 09
unfortunately that may not be true in your case but i am sure that it works out for all............
@robertx (150)
• Romania
30 Dec 09
I don't think being the world to someone implyes dating, but surely things can go there as well. And usually there are at least two sides of the coin. For example: - a kid can be the world to the parents, and of course the parents are the world to the kid when little. Things may change and get destroyed as the kid grows, but hey, life happens :)... - you may save, help or guide someone, and in doing so you can become the world to that person depending on how much trouble there was and if the person realises it and is thankful - you may have some outstanding results, in your career or any other field, and in achieving that you can also turn into a road model for those aspiring such results and you can become the world to someone - and of course, last but not least, if someone is madly in love with you, you can become the world to that person, or you already are that, regardless if you two will ever date or not
@Wizzywig (7858)
20 Jun 09
I bought my son a fridge magnet which said 'You may be just one person in the world but you are the world to someone'. I think its sad when people don't realise how much others care for them - so its important to tell those we love and respect.
• India
20 Jun 09
ya its important to show other how much u love them ,how much u care 4 them,how much affectionate.....ya buying him a fridge magnet shows ur affection towards him thats nice of u......keep on with this work of spreading love......