How much longer we have to go through this?

United States
June 20, 2009 11:37pm CST
The reality of our current state is, we are worst than recession. The unemployment rate make the headlines on every newspaper this weekend. Our president elected Obama keep on giving out stimulus package to different sectors of our society. Do you think his plan would work, or he just wasting our tax money, and other financial sources for fruitless plans, so as someone discussed? How much longer we have to go through this until the recovery start again?
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@thea09 (18316)
• Greece
21 Aug 09
This recession is very bad for people as they do not have as much money. But this is normal in some countries that people do not have much money and they do not blame the president. He is not wasting our tax dollars anyway as due to the recession we have no jobs so do not think that we pay tax now. So the recession is good in one way as we no longer pay taxes which is very good.
@faisai (1138)
• Hong Kong
1 Jul 09
I have no idea how long we have to go through the bad time but I will say that there are some good signs appearing. At least the big names are not collapsing like last year and that even if a big one cannot survive, the government will make sure it is collapsed in some controlled manner rather than like Lehman Brothers which hit us so hard and unexpectedly.
@caver1 (1765)
• United States
30 Jun 09
He said he was going to have this grand stimulus package and everyone voted for him so there you go. I don't think the stimulus plan will work. I do think things will eventually get back on track, but that would have happened with out the government sticking its nose in it.
@usaction (651)
• United States
24 Jun 09
Read your history. The Great Depression leveled just about everything, across the globe! It took tons of money being spent, and lots of rebuilding programs, to get the US out of it. It won't happen overnight, or even a year. Plus, bush spending $10BILLION/MONTH ON Iraq didn't help!