Which one is better, Japanese or French??

June 21, 2009 2:24am CST
I confused whether to learn japanese or french. The problem is, I like both languages and I think both languages is fun to learn. I want to learn french because I want to go to France, but I want to go to Japan as well! So which one do you think is better, Japanese or French??
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• Philippines
21 Jun 09
To decide what language is better is hard, actually very subjective... French is dubbed to be the most romantic language on the planet...I also want to learn French...However, when it comes to usefulness, choose Chinese...Chinese has the largest population and they are very business-minded...so if you plan to transact with Chinese people, better to learn their language...
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• Australia
21 Jun 09
Yeah, I also think that chinese is really important, especially nowadays. Everyone seems like talking chinese... Maybe I'll learn chinese then. Thanks for the advice.
• Ukraine
5 Jul 09
Well I've learnt both French and Japanese. French is a lot easier to learn than Japanese for a native English speaker. There are a lot of words similar, the grammar is a lot more similar than Japanese and the writing system is obviously the same. Japanese can be quite challenging but also very rewarding and might benefit you more as there are far less people who speak Japanese than French. In other words, there are pros and cons for both.
• China
4 Jul 09
I think it's better for you to learn japanese now.As i know,you're from australia,an english speaking country,to learn french may be easier for you than to learn japanese.But i think it's good for you to take more challenge.And also you can know the way the asians think.Besides japan is an economic giant,knowing japanese will surely do good to your work and business.
@puqimx (359)
• Malaysia
26 Jun 09
i think you start learn france first than at the same time you wathing japanese anime like naruto, bleach... dont only read the subtitle...use your ear to learn it...