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@applepod (224)
June 21, 2009 4:40am CST
Graphics vs Gameplay? What makes for a great gaming experience?
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@mal6884 (37)
• United States
9 Jul 09
Graphics help but it can have the best in the world and still suck. If it is not fun and have things to do then its not for me. Best way to put it just like WOW not the best in graphics but there is so much to do.
29 Jun 09
For me, graphics are ruining games. Let me explain. With new tech, better software to develop higher res graphics, and faster renders, graphics are all to easy theese days to get to a high standard. Im doing a degree in computer animation and special effects, and after 2 years of 3D modelling, texturing etc ive realised that its a LOT easier theese days to make awsome graphics, but game devs put far too much of there time getting graphics right, which ruins gameplay. A game with awsome gameplay doesnt need graphics to live (Diablo 2 a perfect example, and the final fantasy series) whereas a game with amazing graphics but lacks quality gameplay will die within weeks of release because people will get bored.
• Brazil
23 Jun 09
Well, in my opinion, graphics and gameplay are a comlement of each other. But the graphics means much more to me than the gameplay, and games with stunning graphics can get much more attention from the public than those that tout gameplaplay first (there are exceptions, like the Guitar Hero, that is a big success, and I love!). With the advance of the technology, the graphics are being more and more realistic, making me more and more interested in the new games!