Serbia And Montenegro
June 21, 2009 9:02am CST
Do you like your work? Do you do it because you have to or because you like it?How do you find a job you would like to and enjoy it?
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22 Jun 09
I am retired now but when I worked I did it for money to keep my family etc. However this does not mean I did not enjoy it because for the most part I did. I did however have another job which is reflected in the name I use. I have worked and did last night actually, as a maid. I don't get paid I do it because I enjoy it and in fact with the cost of travelling last night's efforts probably cost me £60 and it was very hard work serving food and clearing up on at a boat party in the Thames. But I really enjoyed it.
• Malawi
21 Jun 09
I like my job because to a great extent it directly serves the public. I like to serve the public as much as I can afford. My previous job was also dealing directly with the public but to a small extent. I do it freely because as a public servant I have to serve the public diligently. If I apply for another job, it will be something which gives me the opportunity to be right deep into the public life just to serve them more and better.
@angelsmummy (1696)
21 Jun 09
I love working in retail as a manager I have done it most of my working life but unfortunatly I lost my job when I fell pregnant with my second child as they claimed they couldnt afford to pay me maternity pay. I was heartbroken when I lost it but life goes on and Im sure I will find another job soon after giving birth!
@zearah (5381)
• Philippines
21 Jun 09
yes i am dedicated to my job. but currently I'm doing internet job daily. I'm a hardworking person. I love to see my work well done. And i want to finish it as soon as i can. yes i am efficient worker. I pay attention to my tasks. and i do enjoy my job. If you love your job whether it's easy or not you will enjoy it.