Why is the United States media not reporting the North Korea missle situation?

United States
June 21, 2009 11:04am CST
As some of you may have heard, North Korea has recently pledged to weaponize all of its plutonium and has planned to perform a long range missle test on July 4th of this year. The government has moved two missle defence systems to parts of Hawaii as a cautionary measure. While there have been articles written, they are far from the front page. I am the last one to urge fear-mongering and panic, but I wonder why the media is not making a bigger deal about the situation. What do you think about the recent lack of reporting and the issue with North Korea itself?
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@Rollo1 (16639)
• Boston, Massachusetts
21 Jun 09
I have seen quite a bit of coverage on Fox and Drudge. If there hasn't been much on the other major media news sources, then it may be that Obama doesn't know about it yet. I think he watches ABC. Now, I don't rule it out, because it's clear that North Korean president Kim Jong-il is a psycho, but if he's got even a tiny shred of rationality left, it would seem to me to be a truly bad idea to launch a missile strike on Hawaii. What would happen? He strikes Hawaii on July 4th and on July 5th there's a hole in the ground where North Korea used to be. At least, that's the way we used to handle things.
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