does your partner have time for you?

June 21, 2009 1:31pm CST
my partner is currently juggling his job and a business (which is just starting). You can't imagine how occupied he is with everything. I just try to understand him given this situation but he's already neglecting me. :( I told him about it but he can't do anything about it since he's really swamped. I don't want to demand since we'll only be ending up fighting. Have you ever gone through the same experience or are you going through it right now as well? how do you cope with it? because this is driving me really CRAZY!
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@postlover (191)
• China
22 Jun 09
My boyfriend is very busy with his job since he changes to a new position with higher salary.So we have no time to chat with each other everyday, and I feel very bad.It will affect our relationship if it still goes on. So we chat with each other about it. Then we often call each other when we are not busy.And I spend my free time online if he is still busy at home.Understand each other can live together happily in the future.
• Philippines
22 Jun 09
i guess were kinda goin through the same thing here... can't complain right? :) coz you know he's doing it for both of your future :)
@khayshenz (1384)
• United States
23 Jun 09
Ladies - please welcome me to your "neglected girlfriends" club! Because we are all in the same boat. Except - my bf is just working maddd hours. We are talking 12 hours/day for 6 days (sometimes 10 days straight!). And those are 4PM -4AM, so when I'm awake - I'll be heading to work. My lunch time - he's still in bed and will be too tired to chat. By the time I'm out of work at 5 - he's already at work! So no time to say hi at all!! .