Do You Pray Like This..

June 21, 2009 4:38pm CST
And He told them to pray in this way... "Father, I pray for the men and women serving in our military, not for them only but also for those whom we are fighting against. O holy Father, I pray you'll protect and preserve the Iraqi and American Troops. I also pray for civilian mothers, pregnant women, for unborn babies victimized both by abortion and war, and for families and children living in the state of fear, war, instability both in America and aboard. O righteous Father, keep them in your name, guard them, and care for them. I do not pray for our country only , but also or other countries in the world. O God the Creator of the universe, I pray for all people for they are all created equally in your image. O God of peace, give us peace, not war. O God of hope, bring us hope, not despair. O God of abundant blessing, bless the world." Amen
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• United States
21 Jun 09
Thank you for providing such a is always good to pray together. AMEN!