How long do you live together after you became lovers?

@wzsj0501 (157)
June 21, 2009 9:07pm CST
In China,it is a traditional custom that only after wedding,the lover can live together. It is a continued custom from 5000years.I think it is right and it means ture responsibility to each other. But nowadays,heaps and heaps of individuals are not continue this ancient custom.They live together before wedding! I can't understand this behavior,but I know many countries do not have such a ancient custom. What'is your custom about wedding and live together?Let me know!
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• Philippines
22 Jun 09
I'm from a Catholic country, we were also brought up following what our religion teaches us, that is to be married first before living together. However, nowadays more and more couples becoming liberated. I think its because of the change in environment, the tv shows or movies they are watching, the people surrounding them and how they were brought up by their parents. Now we also have a law on annulment and legal separation which I think have a huge effect on the minds of the younger generation today. As for me, I still believe in wedding first before living together because that's how I was brought up and that is also what I will stick to my future children's minds.
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@wzsj0501 (157)
• China
22 Jun 09
I can't agree more!I will add you as my friend!