how many hours did you spent to childbirth from entering delivery room

@wzsj0501 (157)
June 22, 2009 2:33am CST
From you go to hospital to enter a delivery room,how many hours did you spend to give birth to a baby? I am not a mother,but I wonder the future I will experience.such as give birth to a baby.time to childbirth. could you tell me?
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@jessi0887 (2792)
• United States
22 Jun 09
So after a week of having contractions, but not dialating along with a bloody show the doctor decides to induce me. I arrived at the hospital 6am. They hooked me up to different stuff around 8. At 8:30 they broke my water and started the drip. A couple of hours later I asked for nobaine. Which took a little edge off and made me sleep. At around one I started crying when I asked for the epidural. At a little past three I was fully dialated and started pushing. I pushed for about forty five minutes because my son was doing the back and forth game untill I decided to bite down and give the biggest push I could. Which in return did the trick. At 4:03 my son was born. So I was actually in labor for seven in a half hours. When they hooked me up I was already having minor contractions but like I said I wouldn't dialate.
@wzsj0501 (157)
• China
26 Jun 09
you have a imposing experience.god bless you and you pretty baby!
• Philippines
29 Jun 09
Actually when I have my eldest son. My waterbag broke the day I gave birth but I don't feel any contractions or pain in my tummy. So, the day after that I've decided to go to the hospital and I have 4 hours spend to give birth with my husband besides me and his whole family.
@youless (104241)
• Guangzhou, China
22 Jun 09
Since I had the surgery when I delivered my baby because the water was broken, and my baby still didn't want to go out. In order to avoid any accidents, so I chose to have the surgery. It took about 1 hour finishing it. I love China
@angelsmummy (1700)
22 Jun 09
I was in labour 19 hours all together with my first. It didnt seem that long it actually went really quick and I done 6 hours by myself tidying and going to shops before I went to hospital.