what are those stars in front of people's usernames?!?

June 22, 2009 7:13am CST
What are they? what are they for? what does it mean? how do you get them? are they good? please fill me in!
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@rosekiss (30329)
• Eugene, Oregon
22 Jun 09
The stars are given when you reach 100 posts, and there is a number inside the stars which represents the reputation that other users have given, by rating a user either a positive or a negative. So, as you post responses, start discussions, you will be given either a positive or a negative rating depending on how well others agree with your responses or comments. There are some that won't give positives no matter what, whearas others won't give negatives. I won't give negatives. If I don't like the response I just won't rat it at all. I hope this has helped you understand what the stars are. Good luck to you and happy mylotting.
• Australia
23 Jun 09
Thank you! i understand it now! and for that, i marked you a positive! woot!
• India
25 Jun 09
hii dear friend..nice to meet you here..I will explain you clearly about the starts in mylot..They indicate the how postive youur responses in mylot..I think you will find out the positive and negative marks below the every response..So that if your responses have more positive marks you can get te big star and if u got the negative marks ore your star get decreased...The highest star here is the 10..So it u got the star 10 you are great and most of your responses is indicated postive..Now mins is 9..So i have to do better than now to get the star 10..So from now you must post the responses clearly and with more lines..So than you can get the good star after you cross the 100 discussions..Happy mylotting dear friend..have a nice day..keep smiling and happy earnings..