Do you like your current job?how many jobs have you done?

June 22, 2009 7:14am CST
I was graduated last year ,now I am doing my second job which I don't like.but it's hard to chang,to be honest,I even don't known what is my favorite,so very confusd,so how's your condition?
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• United States
24 Jun 09
my current job is not bad. I mean like the people are fun. But to tell you the truth Jobs are not about a fun place to work. they are about earning money. I don't earn enough money to pay my bills or do much of anything. I have had to move my mother in to my home to get clost to covering all my bills. the bank/ mortage company has mention forclosure a word i hate. we are trying to get by and this job is not do it for me.
• China
25 Jun 09
A friend tell me that we should apart job from life.maybe he's right.I'm work to earn enough money to enjoy life!
• China
23 Jun 09
I just graduated in June. I have not found a job yet. I think I am a loser.
• China
25 Jun 09
emm~~you are so negative.there are jobs everywhere,the point is its hard to find a job which you really like.maybe its only about earn money,I dont know.but life is a process,still long for us, come on,trust yourself.
@syangku24 (110)
• Indonesia
22 Jun 09
I get my good job after six year graduated, but i think it's a big mistake. As a fresh graduate sometime we don't know what kind of job we really want it. What you need to do just open your heart and smile to everyone that you see in your office, listen to them, just accept the differences between you and them. Trust me you will feel better.
• China
23 Jun 09
thanks my friend,that helps,I'm tring to get off stress,enjoy everyday.too much stress won't make me better,just like you said,I accept all the differences.
@mipen2006 (5528)
• Australia
2 Jul 09
Hi sunchany, sorry for the delay, but I haven't been on a computer for over a week. I think in the present climate any job is good. If I was still working, I wouldn't be contemplating changing jobs at thie point in time.
@daliaj (5680)
• India
30 Jun 09
Right now I am workign as an instructional designer. I like my job and would like to continue in this profession. I also worked as an online tutor tutoring US kids. That was my first job, it was good too, but I shifted to another job because online tutoring has lost its scope and the company is closed now. Also, it was a night shift job and I wanted to shift to a day shift job.