Is really hard or is easy for you to make new friends? You really need friends?

June 22, 2009 9:42am CST
You need to have a lot of friends or just 2, 3 very good friends? Is hard for you to be friendly and make new friends? Why do you think that you need friends? to support you? for advices? for company? Do you have just one friend who help you in your life very much and don t ask something from you, never?
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• China
23 Jun 09
I think it isn't easy to make friends,as for me,I have a lot of friends but just 2,3 are my trusted friend so we always get together.I think to be friendly just depend on your personality,so this is hard to say.Because we can help each other when each is in trouble and they can give u some advices when you're puzzled,and they can also make u happy when ur mood is blue… Yeah,I have a friend like that,he will always help me but don't want anything back. U can write to me. I'd like to make some foreign friends and write emails with them.Meanwhile I can improve my English level,could u help me?
@icesmile (7160)
• Romania
22 Jun 09
For me is very hard to make friends, even i am a friendly person, because i am a person very honest, and i ask same honestity from a friend. I prefear to have just one very good friends, or few..not to many because i really don t believe that i have time to be in touch with all. Any way my idea about friends is very strange, and i prefear to have just good companions, with who i can talk sometimes.